Events CPARS Was Involved With Lost Creek Fire 2003Club members assisted forestry by manning road blocks to prevent civillians from entering the fire zone. Road blocks were set in place day and night 24hrs, this lasted for 1 week. Members from the Foothills Amateur Radio Society from the Calgary area also assisted. Also heavy equipment was dispatched via Amateur Radio because of the nature of the extream fire and rugged back country. Two club members were operating dozers and low bed trucks the very day the fire started. Storm knocks out power, leaves residents in the dark 2005 Sept 10, 2005 a freak snowstorm left the pass dark. For 5 days members transported fuel every 6 hours day and night at their own expense including vehicle fuel to get there, after a generator was brought down from Calgary  courtesy of the Foothills Amateur Radio Society. The generator was set up at the repeater station in Burmis that houses the 911 Emergency repeater thus keeping the system operative. Full Moon Adventure Company Since 2007, members have assisted the Full Moon Adventure Company in hosting their adventure races. CPARS assists race personell by manning check points and providing radio communications throughout SW Alberta. Communications problems 2007-2008 Members assisted the municipality with repairs to the 911 dispatch system by troubleshooting problems with the system. Upcoming Events To volunteer for any of our events, feel free to contact any of our members on the members page or e-mail Mark;   . Tools & Links: Home Contact CPARS Special Announcements Club Events What is Amateur Radio? How to Get Started Meetings Pictures Sponsors Repeater Linking Codes Amateur Radio LinksWeather International Space Station Exam Software Crowsnest Pass Info More Pass Links APRS  
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